Hello. Welcome to RONI FIBC SUPPLY.

We are your trusted supplier mainly supplying bulk bags, also known as Jumbo Bags which based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our products are widely used in the packaging and transportation of chemical, transportation, industrial and mining, fertilizer, cement, food, medicine and other industries, and have won a good reputation in these industries.

The company has its own production line from spinning, weaving, cutting, printing, and then sewing and packing in bales. We have complete equipment for quality testing so that we can ensure that the quality of products is strictly in accordance with the clients’ requirements.

Besides providing quality products with competitive prices, our strength is we can accommodate to clients’ requirements i.e. we offer tailor-made jumbo bags according to required sizes. We are able to cater businesses from small to big size corporations throughout the West Malaysia. High quality of economy bag, competitive price and superior service help us win clients’ trust.

We are ready to be your sincere and reliable supplier!

Manufacturing Process

Manufacture of FIBC / PP jumbo bags / PP woven bags involves a few steps and our operation skills.

Raw Materials



Circular / Tubular Weaving

Lamination / Printing (Optional)

Tape Winding


Fabric Winding

Tensile Strength Testing

Top Lift Testing



Packing / Balling / Palletizing



Fabric Climatic UV Testing