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  • There are three basic types of FIBC:
  • FIBC for heavy-duty, standard-duty and single-trip.
  • The following aspects will influence your choice: weight and type of product to be filled, filling temperature, number of filling cycles, the preferred method of filling, transport, storage, and discharge.
  • We can assist you in choosing the type of FIBC that suits your needs.


Name Description
Material 100% Polypropylene virgin
Construction   U-panel or Circular/Tubular
Size W x L, 91 x 91 cm, 95 x 95 cm, 100 x 100 cm or based on customer requests
UV Stabilized That protects from prolonged exposure to the sun’s degrading UV rays. An additive that blended with the resin before extrusion of the yarns to provide this protection.
Coating Coated/laminated with polypropylene (PP) to reduce moisture intrusion or sifting of the contents. Also called Non-breathable or laminated.
Printing 1 sided, 2 sided, B&W or Color for labeling/product Identification.
Inner Liner To protect your items from water, dirt, moisture or cold.
Safety Factor 3:1 Safety Ratio, which means that the bag is specified to hold 3 times the amount of the bag's safe working load. A 3:1 Safety Ratio is for single-use or single trip bags. Bags that are designed for multi-use or multi-trip bags are made with an increased SF 5:1/6:1 ratio.
Safe Working Load A bulk bag's safe working load is the amount of weight that the bag is rated and tested to hold safely. 1000 kg SWL to 2000 kg SWL.


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